The island of Santo Antão in Cape Verde will take your breath away.

A cross between Morocco and the Himalayas it has immense volcanic walls, seemingly inaccessible ravines, and perfectly farmed terraced valleys with banana and mango trees and of course fields of sugar cane.

Explore this stunning island on a guided tour by vehicle or on foot and you’ll soon realise why the locals call it the garden of Eden.

There are many great walking trails, like the Cova Crater down to the Paul Valley or the dramatic coastal walk from Cruzinha to the charming fishing town of Ponta do Sol.

If you have more time, then you should definitely visit the remote western part of the island, climb its highest peak Tope de Coroa (1979m) and then spend some time in charming Tarrafal.


If Cape Verdeans wax lyrically about Santo Antão and call it a paradise, then this green and fertile island, with its terraced valleys and cobbled paths must definitely be included on your visit to Cape Verde.

Mango, banana, papaya and orange are just some of the trees you will notice during your walk through the Ribeiras. The subtropical temperature is ideal, especially in the north east where you walk along cobbled paths which link the seemingly inaccessible ravines with traditional mountain villages, surrounded by perfectly terraced valleys.

Don’t miss out on visiting a trapiche (oxen driven sugar cane press), where they make grogue, a popular local spirit.


There is much to see and do when travelling around the islands of Cape Verde. On Santo Antão we are able to offer experiences which reflect the highlights of the island by allowing you to step off the beaten track or indulge in some of the more active activities on offer.


Most of the hotels on Santo Antão are either small guesthouses or pensions. All are very clean and comfortable and many are situated in the fertile valleys of the island. The capital, Ponta do Sol, also has some comfortable places to stay and is well worth a night or two.

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