If you’re interested in going off the beaten track, then a visit to Brava should be included in your holiday to Cape Verde.

Often shrouded in clouds, giving it a mysterious aura – the smallest island in the Cape Verde archipelago is also the greenest of them all. There is nothing but wild water between the island and the USA, and it comes as no surprise that in the 19th-century American whaling ships ended up on the island and recruited willing Cape Verdeans who started a new life on the other side of the Atlantic.

Blessed with a unique mix of flora and fauna, it’s regularly referred to as ‘The Island of Flowers’, but walkers too will be in their element. At just 10km across at its widest point, the tiny island has some of the best walks in the islands. Base yourself in Vila Nova Sintra, the island’s biggest town and it’s easy to spend at least or four days on this beautiful island and explore the island on foot.

There are no flights to Brava, because of the strong winds, but a reasonable ferry service connects the island with Fogo and Santiago. The seas around the island can be rough and you’ll need to make sure you add an extra day on Fogo as a buffer.






Mysterious Brava is the smallest of the inhabited islands in Cape Verde and often shrouded in mist. Known for being wet, green and difficult to reach, it is only accessible by ferry but certainly don't let that put you off.

The coastline is fringed by steep cliffs, whilst the most beautiful bay in Cape Verde is at Faja d’Agua, a lovely little village nestled at the foot of the mountains.

The walk to this small fishing village is also one of the most impressive hikes on Cape Verde. You descend along cobbled paths passing deserted villages, fertile fields to the most remote place on Cape Verde. This is also where in the 19th century American whalers used to find shelter in the pristine bay and picked up crew. Brava is probably the most American influenced of all the islands.


There is much to see and do when travelling around the islands of Cape Verde. On Brava, we are able to offer experiences which reflect the highlights of the island allowing you to step off the beaten track or indulge in some of the more active holiday activities on offer.


Hotel options are very limited on Brava, however there are a few small guest houses and standards are surprisingly good. Here is a selection of the accommodation on Brava we're able to book for you

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