The fiery island of Fogo is no doubt the most volcanically active of all the volcanoes in Cape Verde, especially since its last eruption in 2014.

Make sure you’re seated on the right-hand side of the plane when you’re flying in and you can immediately see that the island is dominated by the archipelago’s highest peak.

It consists of a single volcano, which is why the island is almost circle-shaped and about 25 kilometers (16 mi) in diameter. (Read about the last eruption on our blog).

The peak sits within the spectacular Cha das Caldeiras with its black volcanic moonscape and monstrously contorted lava flows that beg to be climbed. After a hard day’s walk in the crater, relax in colourful and peaceful São Filipe, on the coast.



Dominated by the highest volcano of all the islands, Pico do Fogo (2829m). Walk along the impressive Bordeira and view the spectacular black volcanic moonscape of Cha das Caldeiras from above.

Why not overnight in the great crater of Cha das Caldeiras by staying in a guesthouse recently re-built on the hot lava flows with its natural underfloor heating and marvel at the starry sky at night above. Stay in tranquil Sao Filipe with its pretty plazas and beautifully restored Sobrados (houses built by the wealthy around a central courtyard), it is the perfect place to stroll around on your own.

In the evening enjoy a delicious seafood meal and wash it away with a fruity glass of Fogo wine. The biggest event is the Bandeira (Flag) de Sao Filipe in April, when horses, even from the USA, are transported to Fogo for the most popular annual horse race of the Cape Verde archipelago.


There is much to see and do when travelling around the islands of Cape Verde. On Fogo we are able to offer experiences which reflect the highlights of the island allowing you to step off the beaten track or indulge in some of the more active water sports on offer.


Fogo has a small but lovely range of hotels and guesthouses. Most are in the capital Sao Filipe, however, you really shouldn't miss the opportunity to spend a night or two staying the great crater of Cha das Caldeiras at the foot of Mt Fogo.

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