The waters are warm, and rich in marine life, making it perfect for diving in Cape Verde.

Most diving in Cape Verde is done from the islands of Sal, Boavista, Santiago and for a real adventure Santo Antão. However, there are also options on the islands of São Vicente, Fogo and Maio. Dives can be done on an ad-hoc daily basis, multi dive experience or as part of a course (refresher, discover, open water and advanced).

On our diving holidays you will discover an abundance of marine life, both large and small. Each trip throws up the possibility of seeing coloured nudi branches, shrimp, crab, moray, scorpionfish, turtle, sharks and many more. There are also some interesting rock formations, cave dives and reefs to explore…so regardless of the experience you should be able to find the challenge you’re looking for.

There are several well-equipped dive centres in Cape Verde where you can hire most of what you need for a successful trip.

Please note there are no hyperbaric chambers on any of the islands.

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