São Nicolau is a delightful, quiet island, with an air of sophistication and excellent walking opportunities.

Home to Cape Verde’s prettiest town Ribeira Brava, it has managed to stay off the tourist path.

From the coast cobbled paths and terraced fields stretch up into the green mountainside transforming the island into a walkers paradise, with amazing views along the way.

If you stay in Riberia Brava (or Vila, as the locals call it), you’ll have easy access to the walks on the northwest of the island, and you can visit the pretty village of Ribeira da Prata and the strange rock formations at Caberinha.

People say that there’s a unique mood on this island and the beaches at Tarrafal are rumoured to have healing powers so don’t be surprised when you see explorers buying sand.

Further to the east lies Juncalinho a small village surrounded by steep valleys and jagged rock formations.



Quiet São Nicolau may be less well known than Santo Antão, but is also a fantastic walking destination. The three hour walk from Praia Branca to Fajã is considered to be one of the most beautiful hikes on the island.

In the very fertile Fajã Plain you’ll see Carob, banana and papaya trees thrive here next to the prehistoric dragon trees. From the coast, cobbled paths and terraced fields stretch up into the verdant mountains of Monte Gordo Natural Park. You don’t have to be a hiker to discover the island’s natural beauty as it’s also easily accessible by road, though you may not be able to see the whole of the Natural Park.

The pretty main town Ribeira Brava, with its colonial architecture, colourfully painted houses and well- kept gardens is one of the prettiest towns in the Cape Verde archipelago. The park is a lovely place to take a bench under the shady trees and watch life go by at a leisurely pace.


There is much to see and do when travelling around the islands of Cape Verde. On São Nicolau we are able to offer experiences which reflect the highlights of the island by allowing you to step off the beaten track or indulge in some of the more active activities on offer.


Hotel options are very limited on Sao Nicolau, however there are a few small comfortable B&Bs and guesthouses to choose from.

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