Cape Verde flights – Plans to increase internal flight options

Cape Verde flights – travel around the nine islands of Cape Verde’s archipelago is about to get easier!

The Prime Minister of Cape Verde has backed plans to increase internal flights between the 9 inhabited Islands that make up Cape Verde’s archipelago. In his recent announcement, he stated that the government will introduce compulsory flights between the islands in 2024. The purpose of this is to increase the frequency of flights on offer, and to instate new flight paths between the islands.

This is exciting news. At Archipelago Choice, we specialise in organising customised holidays for our clients, so we look forward to increased scope within our popular island-hopping holidays. More connections will mean less wait times and greater movement for exploration, as well as more time to relax and soak up Cape Verde’s rich culture, white sandy beaches and beautiful scenery.

In addition to these internal flight proposals, the Prime Minister has also confirmed that the purchase of two ships is in progress and there are plans for new port terminals on the islands of Maio, Sal, Sao Nicolau, Fogo, Boavista and Praia, on Santiago. As a travel operator, we steer away from using the ferries because the weather affects their reliability, plus the longer journeys will eat into your valuable holiday time. However, we do use the ferry that runs from Sao Vincent to Saint Antonao, as this island is only accessible by sea. Fortunately, this ferry runs twice a day and takes a relatively sheltered route, so rarely gets affected by the weather.

For the uninitiated, there are currently a good range of options for flying directly to Cape Verde, either into Sal or Boavista. Seven of the outlying islands, each with their own individual flavour, must be accessed via an internal flight and itineraries need to be planned around the available flight options. Many simply limit themselves to visiting Sal or Boavista but we always encourage people to sample the delights of the smaller islands, which boast exceptional walking routes, isolated white sandy beaches, volcanic landscapes and lush green scenery. There is so much to explore, and we are delighted to hear about these upcoming plans.

Author: This Blog was written by Lucy Woods – our newest member of the team and a self-professed logophile!

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There is so much to explore on Cape Verde – the 9 islands each have their own flavour and they are surprisingly different. The coffee is also excellent!

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